DICE=Distributed Instrument for Computed Expression.
flowing from my early software. 

The colored mind meditates on DICE:

Logo design by Zahra Khosravi at ITP-NYU:

Photos from NYU-ITP presentation:

p5js  + DICE  2017-11-xx

DICE desktop basic.dice + webkit debugging of dice devices 2017-11-xx

DICE Color wave 2017-09-10

I sent my cosmic twin, Benjamin B., my DICE app in 2001, he sent back this screen shot.

DICE Device Preview 2017-09-13
DICE Preview on Devices 2017-09-13

At the nMAAhC 2017-09-08 planning to archive old work and previewing new work.

DICE color meter view of Brown Bag Test at nMAAhC 2017-09-08.

Orchestrated DICE. Using devices to explore art and science.

Place of my workship: episual design, with by co-worker and brother Jervis Thompson aka JERVO, also Drexel professor in DIGM.


DICE image from iPhone 2017-08-?? me at my crib in front of my art wall. Laminated 8x10 color prints: Color Wheel generated by Javascript, WEB DuBois photo, and Family photo on lower right.