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Pingala is an influential ancient mathematician. 
He is credited with earliest expression of  binomial theorem, binary numbers,
and what is commonly called the Fibonacci sequence. 

He is mentioned in this book by MIT computer scientist John V. Guttag:
Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python (MIT Press) 
p 47, footnote 25
"That we call this a Fibonacci sequence is an example of a Eurocentric interpretation of history. 
Fibonacci’s great contribution to European mathematics was his book Liber Abaci, 
which introduced to European mathematicians many concepts already well known to Indian and Arabic scholars. 
These concepts included Hindu-Arabic numerals and the decimal system. 
What we today call the Fibonacci sequence was taken from the work of the Sanskrit mathematician Pingala."

revised and expanded edition Edition (August 9, 2013)
by John V. Guttag (Author)
ISBN-13: 978-0262525008