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The Baby and the Boat

A Story my father told.

The Baby and The Boat

My Dad, Walter Thompson, roomed with the Dookie family. He was good friends with my Uncle Felix Dookie and I think that's how my mom Mabel. My Dad would shave grandpa Dookie regularly. 

"Every time I shaved grandpa Dookie", my Dad said, "grandpa Dookie would tell the same story". My Dad retold the story to me as we sat on his front porch in Kingston. Here's what I remember:

Grandpa Dookie and his young wife were taken to Jamaica on a very crowded boat (most likely a ship). On the boat was an another young couple and the wife was pregnant. While at sea, she gave birth on the boat. The boat was so crowded passengers had to transfer to another less crowded boat. While crossing over to the new boat the new born baby was passed from one person to the next. Someone let the baby slip and the baby fell into the sea.

Grandpa Dookie told the same story every time Walter shaved him and would end with the same refrain:

 "De baby born a sea, an the baby die a sea." 
(The baby born at sea, and the baby died at sea.)