09 Session

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April 29: Tinkering (Session 9)

Video for Session 9

Panelists: Karen Wilkinson, Mike Petrich, Eric Rosenbaum

Readings in Preparation for Session 9:

* Mike Petrich, Karen Wilkinson, and Bronwyn Bevan (2013): It Looks Like Fun, But Are They Learning?, in Design, Make, Play

* Mitchel Resnick & Eric Rosenbaum (2013): Designing for Tinkerability, in Design, Make, Play.

Activity: Option 1: Explore physical+digital tinkering with MaKey MaKey (if you have one). Option 2: Try out some of the examples from Arvind Gupta (such as spinning toys). Option 3: Try out some of the activities from the Tinkering Studio at the Exploratorium.

Additional Resources:

* Luigi Anzivino and Karen Wilkinson (2012): Tinkering by Design: Thoughtful Design Leads to Breakthroughs in Thinking

* Sherry Turkle & Seymour Papert (1990). Epistemological PluralismSigns (journal article).

"tinkering with tinkerability"

Mindfest - 1999. take mindstorm beyond robots contest.

Playful Invention & Exploration Network

Mike & Karen: at exploratorium tinkering studio.
robots to create enironment - shadows and light.
floor based programs
being comfortable to being uncomfortable. don't avoid failure.
enviroment designed to support learning exploring
how to get started: others engaged / residue of past projects.
tinkering: comfortable with learning a phenonmenom / play with problem more than solve it / developing these instincts
makes sense as you go along, then share with others.

Tinkering vs. planing

Eric Rosenbaum: Makey Makey (with Jay). Developed in exploratorium.
Designing for Tinkerability:
- immediate feed back
- Fluid experimentation: easy to try things out
- Open exploration: try out lots of things.

Transform your problem in to a space that you can tinker and explore.

Conversation with material -material can talk back.

Challenge is how to assess the learning since it make have impact over time. Using an ethographic approach to capture learning. Video doc to find exemplar moments.

Wipe out phenonmenon - remembering the beginners mind.

> Next two weeks: think about building course into community.