05 Session

posted Mar 7, 2013, 2:43 AM by John Henry Thompson   [ updated May 4, 2013, 8:43 AM ]

Readings in Preparation for Session 5: Open Learning

* John Seely Brown and Richard Adler (2008): Minds on Fire. Educause Review.

* Ivan Illich: Deschooling Society (Chapter 6: Learning Webs)

* Eric Steven Raymond, The Cathedral and the Bazaar - [Note: Open in a new tab or window using right-click (Ctrl+click Mac)]

* (Update: Added) The GNU Manifesto

* (Update: Added) The Free Universal Encyclopedia and Learning Resource

In preparation, please read the suggested readings (above) and discuss with your groups:

* What ideas in the readings interested or resonated with you?

* Describe an experience where you helped someone learn something--and you learned something in the process.


Teach & Learn = Ask & Answer

1) Go to stackexchange.com/sites and choose a site that you find interesting

2) Post (at least) one question and answer someone else’s question (at least one)

3) Reflect: What aspects of the experience contribute to a sense of a learning community? What aspects limit a sense of community?

Learning Match (extra activity)

1) Think of something you’re willing to teach to another participant in the course. And think of something you would like to learn.

2) Later in the week, we will provide a matching tool to connect teachers and learners.

mooc in context: the re.mooc in Africa - Stephen Downes
cMOOC vs. xMOOC - content vs. network
middle: ds106, series of tasks - creative projects
network approach: non-linear 
eg. connectivist MOOCs
wide range of ways to participate
you define success, eg. been able to do something (new)

Notes from the session video:
Mako Hill software guy: "Our experience of the world increasingly mediate by technology", Imagine a work with only readers - no writers.
Audrey blogger gal: "crack it open and look more deeply"
- debugging / giving credit
- github software sharing vs. essay blogging
Phillip: activism 

debugging the your mind - reflection and problem solving

Audrey: learn together. Group is smater than individual.

outliner / elite - does your experience work for others?

Audrey: optimizing for passion and curiosity