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10x10•Strong (2016)

In May of 2016 I started an experiment to achieve more energy with less time in the gym. Rather than devoting over an hour to yoga practice for a few times a week, I picked two exercises to focus on throughout the day. The goal was to do forward fold and 10 pushups every hour, ideally for 10 times per day. I choose forward fold to relief lower back stress and pushups for a quick cardio workout. I combined the exercises with ujjayi breathing, breathing in when the body compacts and breathing out when the body expands.

Glad to report into week 9 and energy has been great. Routine has evolved slightly. First week weeks only 3-4 minutes per set. Then started adding more exercises, sets extended to 8-10 minutes, but was doing fewer sets per day. For week 9, trying to do longer set in morning, capping hourly sets to 3 minutes, and long set in evening. Interestingly I have to focus to keep each hourly set at 3 minutes, tempted to do more.

[10x10] Outside the Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia.
2 min 33 secs. 2016-07-18

Strong  Mind    Strong 
Body    Strong  Present 
Strong  Future  Strong 
Mind    Strong  Body 
Strong  Present Strong 
Future  Strong  Mind 
Strong  Body    Strong 
Present Strong  Future

Strong  Mind    Strong 
Body    Strong  Present 
Strong  Future  Strong 
Mind    Strong  Body 
Strong  Present Strong 
Future  Strong  Mind 
Strong  Body    Strong 
Present Strong  Future

Strong mind leads to strong body. How is the mind made strong? Start by observing the weak mind. How is the body made strong? Only thru appropriate activity. The challenge is for the mind to find the activity that delights the both the mind and the body.