भवप्रत्ययो विदेहप्रकृतिलयानम् ॥१९॥
bhava-pratyayo videha-prakṛti-layānam ||19||

[RS] 1.18 Some people are born with true insight, whereas others attain it via a divine body or oneness with nature.

[JW] 1.19 [Concentration not conscious of objects] caused by worldly [means] is the one to which the discarnate attain and to which those [whose bodies] are resolved into primary matter attain.

[SS] 1.19 Those who merely leave their physical bodies and attain the state of celestial deities, or those who get merged in Nature, have rebirth. [p36]

[TD] 1.19 There will be some who are born  in a state of Yoga. They need not practice or discipline themselves. [p155]

[EB] 1.19 For [some], those who are unembodied and those who are merged in matter, [the state samprajnata is characterized] by absorption in [subtle] states of prakrti. [p73]

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(भव, bhava) = origin; genesis; birth; provenance
(प्रत्ययः, pratyayaḥ) = true perception; insight; cause; certainty; that which is in the mind
(विदेह, videha) = special body, divine body, non-corporeal
(प्रकृति, prakṛti) = nature
(लय, laya) = dissolution, fusion
(प्रकृतिलयन, prakṛti-layana) = becoming one with nature /prakriti; oneness with nature