श्रद्धावीर्यस्मृति समाधिप्रज्ञापूर्वक इतरेषाम् ॥२०॥
śraddhā-vīrya-smṛti samādhi-prajñā-pūrvaka itareṣām ||20||

[RS] 1.20 And then there are some for whom trust, determination, memory and divination lay the groundwork for insight.

[JW] 1.20 [Concentration not conscious of objects] which follows upon belief [and] energy and mindfulness [and] concentration [and] insight is that to which the others [the yogins] attain.

[SS] 1.20 To others, this asamprajnata samadhi could come through faith, strength, memory, contemplation or by discernment. [p37]

[TD] 1.20 Through faith, which will give sufficient energy to achieve success against all odds, direction will be maintained. The realization of the goal of Yoga is a matter of time. [p155]

[EB] 1.20 [But] for others, [the state where only subconscious impressions remain] is preceded by faith, vigor, memory, samdhi absorption, and discernment. [p77]

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(श्रद्धा, śraddhā) = trust; certainty; faith; conviction
(वीर्य, vīrya) = determination; energy; force
(स्मृति, smṛti) = recollections; memory
(प्रज्ञा, prajñā) = divination; knowledge
(समाधि, samādhi) = goal of yoga; enlightenment
(समाधिप्रज्ञा, samādhi-prajñā) = divination of the goal of yoga
(पूर्वक, pūrvaka) = precede
(इतरेषा, itareṣā) = for others