तीव्रसंवेगानामासन्नः ॥२१॥
tīvra-saṁvegānām-āsannaḥ ||21||

[RS] 1.21 The goal is achieved through intensive practice.

[JW] 1.21 For the keenly intense [concentration] is near.

[SS] 1.21 To the keen and intent practitioner this [samadhi] comes very quickly. [p38]

[TD] 1.21 The more intense the faith and the effort, the closer the goal. [p156]

[EB] 1.21 [This state of samprajnata] is near for those who apply themselves intensely. [p79]

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(तीव्र, tīvra) = intensive
(संवेगान, saṁvegāna) = practice; exercise; intensity
(आसन्नः, āsannaḥ) = near; nearness