मृदुमध्याधिमात्रत्वात्ततोऽपि विशेषः ॥२२॥
mṛdu-madhya-adhimātratvāt-tato'pi viśeṣaḥ ||22||

[RS] 1.22 This practice can be light, moderate or intensive.

[JW] 1.22 Because this keenness is gentle or moderate or keen there is a concentration superior (vicesa) even to this near kind.

[SS] 1.22 The time necessary for success further depends on whether the practice is mild, medium, or intense. [p38]

[TD] 1.22 Inevitably the depth of faith varies with different individuals and at different times with the same individual. The results will reflect these variations. [p156]

[EB] 1.22 Even among these, there is further differentiation [of this intensity into degrees of] mild, mediocre, and extreme. [p79]

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(मृदुम्, mṛdum) = light; gentle
(मध्य, madhya) = moderate
(अधिमात्र, adhimātra) = intensive
(वात्, vāt) = or
(ततः, tataḥ) = this (this practice)
(अपि, api) = also; even
(विशेषः, viśeṣaḥ) = level; differentiation