ईश्वरप्रणिधानाद्वा ॥२३॥
īśvara-praṇidhānād-vā ||23||

[RS] 1.23 The goal can also be attained via submission to the concept of an ideal being (ishvara).

[JW] 1.23 Or [concentration] is attained by devotion to the Icvara.

[SS] 1.23 Or [samadhi is attained] by devotion with total dedication to God [Isvara]. [p39]

[TD] 1.23 Offering regular prayers to God with a feeling of submission to his power, surely enables the sate of Yoga to be achieved. [p156]

[EB] 1.23 Or, [this previously mentioned state is attainable] from devotion to the Lord. [p81]

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(ईश्वर, īśvara) = God; a personal God; the concept of an ideal being
(प्रनिधान, pranidhāna) = devotion
(वा, vā) = or; also; here: the goal of yoga can also be reached through