स एष पूर्वेषामपिगुरुः कालेनानवच्छेदात् ॥२६॥
sa eṣa pūrveṣām-api-guruḥ kālena-anavacchedāt ||26||

[RS] 1.26 Ishvara is each and every one, and is even the teacher of the first ones; he is unaffected by time.

[JW] 1.26 Teacher of the Primal [Sages] also, forasmuch as [with Him] there is no limitation by time.

[SS] 1.26 Unconditioned by time, He is the teacher of even the most ancient teachers. [p40]

[TD] 1.26 God is eternal. In fact he is the ultimate teacher. He is the source of guidance for all teachers: past, present, and future. [p157]

[EB] 1.26 Isvara was also the teacher of the ancients, because he is not limited by Time. [p103]

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(, sa) = he; each
(एष, eṣa) = this (one)
(पूर्वेषाम्, pūrveṣām) = from the previous ones
(अपि, api) = also; even
(गुरुः, guruḥ) = teacher; master; guru
(काल, kāla) = time
(अनवच्छेदात्, anavacchedāt) = limitless; unchanged