तज्जपः तदर्थभावनम् ॥२८॥
taj-japaḥ tad-artha-bhāvanam ||28||

[RS] 1.28 Repetition of OM (with this meaning) leads to contemplation.

[JW] 1.28 Repetition of it and reflection upon its meaning [should be made].

[SS] 1.28 To repeat with reflection upon its meaning is an aid. [p46]

[TD] 1.28 In order to relate to God it is necessary to regularly address him properly and reflect on his qualities. [p157]

[EB] 1.28 Its repetition and the contemplation of its meaning [should be performed]. [p109]

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(तत्, tat) = that; whose; being
(जप, japa) = repetition
(तत्, tat) = whose; being
(अर्थ, artha) = meaning
(भावनम्, bhāvanam) = feeling; devotion; contemplation