तत्प्रतिषेधार्थमेकतत्त्वाभ्यासः ॥३२॥
tat-pratiṣedha-artham-eka-tattva-abhyāsaḥ ||32||

[RS] 1.32 He who practices assiduously overcomes these obstacles.

[JW] 1.32 To check them [let there be] practice upon a single entity.

[SS] 1.32 The practice of concentration on a single subject [or the use of one technique] is the best way to prevent the obstacles and their accompaniments. [p52]

[TD] 1.32 If one can select an appropriate means to steady the mind and practice this, whatever the provocations, the interruptions cannot take root. [p159]

[EB] 1.32 Practice [of fixing the mind] on one object [should be performed] in order to eliminate these disturbances. [p121]

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(तत्, tat) = he who; whose
(प्रतिषेध्, pratiṣedh) = reduce; diminish
(अर्तम्, artam) = meaning
(एक, eka) = one
(तत्त्व, tattva) = principal; truth; topic
(अभ्यासः, abhyāsaḥ) = assiduousness; enthusiastic practice