वीतराग विषयम् वा चित्तम् ॥३७॥
vītarāga viṣayam vā cittam ||37||

[RS] 1.37 - Or if what is mutable in human beings (chitta) is no longer the handmaiden of desire.

[JW] 1.37 Or the mind-stuff [reaches the stable state] by having as its object [a mind-stuff] freed from passion.

[SS] 1.37 Or by concentrating on a great soul's mind which is totally freed from attachment to sense objects. [p60]

[TD] 1.37 When we are confronted with problems, the counsel of someone who has mastered similar problems can be can great help. [p160]

[EB] 1.37 Or [the mind becomes steady when it has] one who is free from desire as its object. [p135]

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(वीत, vīta) = cease; stop
(राग, rāga) =  desire; attachment
(विषयम्, viṣayam) = thing
(वा, vā) = or; also
(चित्तम्, cittam) = chitta, i.e. that which is mutable in human beings