स्वप्ननिद्रा ज्ञानालम्बनम् वा ॥३८॥
svapna-nidrā jñāna-ālambanam vā ||38||

[RS] 1.38 - Or through knowledge that is derived from a nocturnal dream.

[JW] 1.38 Or [the mind stuff reaches the stable state] by having as the supporting-object a perception in dream or in sleep.

[SS] 1.38 Or by concentrating on an experience had during dream or deep sleep. [p61]

[TD] 1.38 Inquiry into dreams and sleep and our experiences during or around these states can help to clarify some of our problems. [p161]

[EB] 1.38 Or [the mind can become steady when it has] the knowledge attained from dreams and sleep as its support. [p138]

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(स्वप्न, svapna) = dream
(निद्रा, nidrā) = deep sleep
(ज्ञान, jñāna) = knowledge
(आलम्बन, ālambana) = based on; arise
(वा, vā) = also; or