यथाभिमतध्यानाद्वा ॥३९॥
yathā-abhimata-dhyānād-vā ||39||

[RS] 1.39 - Or through contemplation (dhyana) of love.    

[JW] 1.39 Or [the mind stuff reaches the stable state] by contemplation upon any such an object as is desired.

[SS] 1.39 Or by meditating on anything one chooses that is elevating. [p62]

[TD] 1.39 Any inquiry of interest can calm the mind. [p161]

[EB] 1.39 Or [streadiness of the mind is attained] from meditation upon anything of one's inclination. [p139]

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(यथ, yatha) = how
(आभिमत, ābhimata) = love; attraction
(ध्यानाद्, dhyānād) = meditation; concentration
(वा, vā) = or; also