तत्र शब्दार्थज्ञानविकल्पैः संकीर्णा सवितर्का समापत्तिः ॥४२॥
tatra śabdārtha-jñāna-vikalpaiḥ saṁkīrṇā savitarkā samāpattiḥ ||42||

[RS] 1.42 In conjunction with word and object knowledge, or imagination, this state is savitarka samapatti.

[JW] 1.42 Of [these balanced-states] the state-balanced with deliberation is confused by reason of predicate-relations between words and intended objects and ideas.

[SS] 1.42 The samadhi in which name, form and knowledge of them is mixed is called savitarka samadhi, or samadhi with deliberation. [p68]

[TD] 1.42 Initially, because of our past experiences and ideas, our understanding of the object is distorted. Everything that has been heard, read, or felt may interfere with our perception. [p162]

[EB] 1.42 In this stage, savitarka-samapattih, "samadhi absorption with physical awareness," is intermixed with the notions of word, meaning, and idea. [p144]

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(तत्र, tatra) = this; these
(शब्द, śabda) = word
(अर्थ, artha) = image; picture; object; truth
(ज्ञान, jñāna) = knowledge
(विकल्पः, vikalpaḥ) = an imagining; an illusion
(संकीर्ण, saṁkīrṇa) = skewed; distorted; mixed
(सवितर्क, savitarka) = with acceptance
(समापत्तिः, samāpattiḥ) = samapatti; a state of enlightenment
(सवितर्क समापत्तिः, savitarka samāpattiḥ) = a specific form of samapatti