सूक्ष्मविषयत्वम्चालिण्ग पर्यवसानम् ॥४५॥
sūkṣma-viṣayatvam-ca-aliṇga paryavasānam ||45||

[RS] 1.45 An object can be subtle to the point of indefinability.

[JW] 1.45 The subtile object likewise terminates in unresoluble-primary-matter (alinga).

[SS] 1.45 The subtlety of possible objects of concentration end only at the undefinable. [p71]

[TD] 1.45 Except that the mind cannot comprehend the very source of perception within us, its objects can be unlimited. [p163]

[EB] 1.45 The subtle nature of things extends all the way up to prakrti. [p154]

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(सूक्ष्म, sūkṣma) = subtle; etheric
(विषय, viṣaya) = object
(, ca) = and
(अलिङ्ग, aliṅga) = the undefined, unmanifested state
(पर्यवसानम्, paryavasānam) = limit; extending to