ता एव सबीजस्समाधिः ॥४६॥
tā eva sabījas-samādhiḥ ||46||

[RS] 1.46 All of these states of consciousness are called sabija samadhi.

[JW] 1.46 These same [balanced-states] are the seeded concentration.

[SS] 1.46 All these samadhis are sabija (with seed), which could bring one back into bondage or mental disturbance. [p71]

[TD] 1.46 All these processes of directing the mind involve an object of inquiry. [p163]

[EB] 1.46 These above-mentioned samapatti states are [known as] samadhi meditative absorption "with seed." [p156]

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(ता, tā) = each of these states of consciousness
(एव, eva) = only; even also
(सबीज, sabīja) = with seed; sabija samadhi; a state of samadhi
(समाधिः, samādhiḥ) = samadhi; the state that is attainable through yoga; the purpose of yoga