निर्विचारवैशारद्येऽध्यात्मप्रसादः ॥४७॥
nirvicāra-vaiśāradye-'dhyātma-prasādaḥ ||47||

[RS] 1.47 If you regularly experience the clearest of the four aforementioned states known as nirvichara samapatti, then you are about to experience a state of absolute clarity.

[JW] 1.47 When there is the clearness of the super-reflective [balanced state, the yogin] gains internal undisturbed calm.

[SS] 1.47 In the purity of nirvichara samadhi, the supreme Self shines. [p72]

[TD] 1.47 Then the individual begins to truly know himself. [p163]

[EB] 1.47 Upon attaining the clarity of nirvicara-samadhi, there is lucidity of the inner self. [p157]

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(निर्विचारा, nirvicārā) = nirvicharas amapatti; the subtlest of the aforementioned four samapatti states
(वैशारद्ये, vaiśāradye) = experienced at
(अध्य्, adhy) = about to
(आत्म, ātma) = the absolute
(प्रसादः, prasādaḥ) = clarity