ऋतंभरा तत्र प्रज्ञा ॥४८॥
ṛtaṁbharā tatra prajñā ||48||

[RS] 1.48 - Then consciousness will be filled with truth.

[JW] 1.48 In this [calm] the insight is truth-bearing.

[SS] 1.48 This is ritambhara prajna, or the absolute true consciousness. [p73]

[TD] 1.48 Then, what he sees and shares with others is free from error. [p163]

[EB] 1.48 In that state, there is truth-bearing wisdom. [p158]

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(ऋतम्, ṛtam) = truth
(भरा, bharā) = pregnant; replete with
(तत्र, tatra) = there; then
(प्रज्ञा, prajñā) = consciousness; true knowledge