तज्जस्संस्कारोऽन्यसंस्कार प्रतिबन्धी ॥५०॥
tajjas-saṁskāro-'nya-saṁskāra pratibandhī ||50||

[RS] 1.50 This experience gives rise to an impression (samskara) that supplants other impressions (samskara).

[JW] 1.50 The subliminal-impression produced by this [super-reflective balanced state] is hostile to other subliminal-impressions.

[SS] 1.50 The impression produced by this samadhi wipes out all other impressions. [p75]

[TD] 1.50 As this newly acquired quality of the mind gradually strengthens, it dominates the other mental tendencies that are based on misapprehensions. [p164]

[EB] 1.50 The samskaras born out of that [truth-bearing wisdom] obstruct other samskaras [from emerging]. [p162]

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(तद्, tad) = this
(, ja) = from
(संस्कार, saṁskāra) = tendency; impression
(अन्य, anya) = other; different
(संस्कार, saṁskāra) = tendency; impressions
(प्रतिबन्धी, pratibandhī) =  prevent; supplant