प्रत्यक्षानुमानागमाः प्रमाणानि ॥७॥
pratyakṣa-anumāna-āgamāḥ pramāṇāni ||7||

[RS] 1.7 Insight arises from direct perception, conclusions, or learning that are based on reliable sources.

[JW] 1.7 Sources of valid ideas are perception and inference and verbal communication.

[SS] 1.7 The sources of right knowledge are direct perception, inference and scriptural testimony. [p12]

[TD] 1.7 Comprehension is based on direct observation of the object, inference, and reference to reliable authorities . [p151]

[EB] 1.7 Right knowledge consists of sense perception, logic, and verbal testimony. [p32]

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(प्रत्यक्षा, pratyakṣā) = that which is right in front of our eyes; that which is directly seen or perceived
(अनुमान, anumāna) = that which comes from the intellect (manas); a conclusion that is reached
(आगमः, āgamaḥ) = legacy; learning from reliable sources; testimony; pronouncements by others; documentary knowledge
(प्रमाणानि, pramāṇāni) = insight; accurate perception; accurate knowledge