समाधिभावनार्थः क्लेश तनूकरणार्थश्च ॥२॥
samādhi-bhāvana-arthaḥ kleśa tanū-karaṇa-arthaś-ca ||2||

[RS] 2.2 If your practice is aligned with your goal (samadhi), the obstacles along your spiritual path (klesha) will disappear and ultimately you will reach your goal.

[JW] 2.2 For the cultivation of concentration and for the attenuation of the hindrances.

[SS] 2.2 They help us minimize obstacles and attain samadhi. [p83]

[EB] 2.2 [The yoga of action] is for bringing about samadhi and for weakening the afflictions [to yoga]. [p173]

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(समाधि, samādhi) = samadhi; state of enlightenment; the goal of yoga
(भावन, bhāvana) = aligned with; oriented toward
(अर्थः, arthaḥ) = goal
(क्लेश, kleśa) = burdens; an obstacle on the path to spiritual enlightenment
(तनू, tanū) = reduce
(करण, karaṇa) = achieve
(अर्ह्तः, arhtaḥ) = goal