अविद्यास्मितारागद्वेषाभिनिवेशः क्लेशाः ॥३॥
avidyā-asmitā-rāga-dveṣa-abhiniveśaḥ kleśāḥ ||3||

[RS] 2.3 The obstacles along the spiritual path (klesha) are as follows: a lack of insight (avidya); identification with the mutable (asmita); the belief that happiness (raga) or unhappiness (dvesha) result from outer circumstances; deep seated anxiety (abinivesha).

[JW] 2.3 Undifferentiated consciousness (avidya) and the feeling-of-personality and passion and aversion and the will-to-live are the five hindrances.

[SS] 2.3 Ignorance, egoism, attachment, hatred, and clinging to bodily life are the five obstacles. [p84]

[EB] 2.3 The impediments [to samadhi] are nescience, ego, desire, aversion, and clinging to life. [p175]

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(अविद्या, avidyā) = ignorance; confusion; lack of insight
(अस्मिता, asmitā) = self centeredness; identification with the human body and that which is mutable in human beings
(राग, rāga) = desire; attraction; wish; belief that outer circumstances are responsible for good luck
(द्वेष, dveṣa) = revulsion; aversion; belief that outer circumstances are responsible for unhappiness
(अभिनिवेशः, abhiniveśaḥ) = deep seated anxiety; fear of death; will to live
(क्लेशः, kleśaḥ) = the burdens on the spiritual path