ध्यान हेयाः तद्वृत्तयः ॥११॥
dhyāna heyāḥ tad-vṛttayaḥ ||11||

[RS] 2.11 Medidating (dhyana) on that which we wish to overcome eliminates such misconceptions that arise from human mutability (vritti).

[JW] 2.11 The fluctuations of these should be escaped by means of contemplation.

[SS] 2.11 In the active state, they can be destroyed by meditation.  [p94]

[EB] 2.11 The states of mind produced by these klesas are eliminated by meditation. [p194]

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(ध्यान, dhyāna) = meditation, contemplation
(हेयाः, heyāḥ) = to avoid; to overcome
(तद्, tad) = whose; these
(वृत्तयः, vṛttayaḥ) = thought waves; waves; chitta turbidity