क्लेशमूलः कर्माशयो दृष्टादृष्टजन्मवेदनीयः ॥१२॥
kleśa-mūlaḥ karma-aśayo dṛṣṭa-adṛṣṭa-janma-vedanīyaḥ ||12||

[RS] 2.12 Obstacles (kleshas) are the breeding ground for tendencies that give rise to actions and the consequences (karma) thereof. Such obstacles are experienced as visible or invisible obstacles.

[JW] 2.12 The latent deposit of karma has its root in the hindrances and may be felt in a birth seen or in a birth unseen.

[SS] 2.12 The womb of karmas (actions and reactions) has its root in these obstacles, and the karmas bring experiences in the seen [present] or in the unseen [future] births.  [p95]

[EB] 2.12 The stock of karma has the klesas as its root. It is experienced in present or future lives. [p195]

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(क्लेश, kleśa) = obstacles on the spiritual path
(मूलः, mūlaḥ) = root; cause; basis
(कर्म, karma) = actions and consequences
(अशयः, aśayaḥ) = tendencies; holdover
(दृष्ट, dṛṣṭa) = visible; present
(अदृष्ट, adṛṣṭa) = concealed; future
(जन्म, janma) = life; world; domain
(वेदनीयः, vedanīyaḥ) = to experience; to take notice