ते ह्लाद परितापफलाः पुण्यापुण्यहेतुत्वात् ॥१४॥
te hlāda paritāpa-phalāḥ puṇya-apuṇya-hetutvāt ||14||

[RS] 2.14 The outcome of an action is felicitous or infelicitous depending on whether the foundation is successful or unsuccessful.

[JW] 2.14 These [fruitions] have joy or extreme anguish as results in accordance with the quality of their causes whether merit or demerit.

[SS] 2.14 The karmas bear fruits of please and pain caused by merit and demerit .  [p99]

[EB] 2.14 These [the type of birth, span of life, and life experience] bear the fruits of please and pain, as a result of [the performance of] virtue and vice. [p202]

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(ते, te) = it
(ह्लाद, hlāda) = pleasurable; enjoyable
(परिताप, paritāpa) = painful
(फलाः, phalāḥ) = outcome
(पुण्य, puṇya) = successful; beneficial
(अपुण्य, apuṇya) = failure; failed
(हेतुत्वात्, hetutvāt) = cause; occasioned by