द्रष्टृदृश्ययोः संयोगो हेयहेतुः ॥१७॥
draṣṭṛ-dṛśyayoḥ saṁyogo heyahetuḥ ||17||

[RS] 2.17 For identificaiton of the true self (drashtu) with that which is mutable is the cause of suffering.

[JW] 2.17 The correlation of the Seer and the object-of-sight is the cause of that which is to be escaped.

[SS] 2.17 The cause of that avoidable pain is the union of the Seer (Purusha) and seen (Prakriti, or Nature).  [p103]

[EB] 2.17 The conjunction between the seer and that which is seen is the cause [of suffering] to be avoided. [p213]

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(द्रष्टृ, draṣṭṛ) = the seer; he who perceives; the true self; drastu
(दृश्यः, dṛśyaḥ) = that which is seen; experienced
(संयोग, saṁyoga) = unity; bond; identification
(हेय, heya) = that which should be avoided
(हेतुः, hetuḥ) = cause