विशेषाविशेषलिङ्गमात्रालिङ्गानि गुणपर्वाणि ॥१९॥
viśeṣa-aviśeṣa-liṅga-mātra-aliṅgāni guṇaparvāṇi ||19||

[RS] 2.19 Physical objects exhibit the following states: determinable; unspecific; symbolic; beyond symbols.

[JW] 2.19 The particularized and the unparticularized [forms] and the resoluble only [into primary matter] and irresoluble-primary-matter are the divisions of the aspects (guna).

[SS] 2.19 The stages of the gunas are specific, non-specific, defined and undefinable .  [p109]

[EB] 2.19 The different stages of the guna qualities consist of the particularized, the unparticularized, the distinctive, and the indistinctive. [p219]

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(विशेष, viśeṣa) = special; specific; different
(अविशेष, aviśeṣa) = unspecific; undefined; indistinguishable
(लिङ्ग, liṅga) = symbol
(मात्र, mātra) = reproducible; expressible
(लिङ्गमात्र, liṅga-mātra) = symbolic
(अलिङ्गानि, aliṅgāni) = lacking a symbol; beyond symbols
(गुण, guṇa) = the three basic elements of matter; nature
(पर्वाणि, parvāṇi) = developmental levels; states; step