तदर्थ एव दृश्यस्यात्मा ॥२१॥
tadartha eva dṛśyasya-ātmā ||21||

[RS] 2.21 Physical objects can only be deemed to such if perceived by the true self (atma).

[JW] 2.21 The being (atman) of the object-of-sight is only for the sake of it [the Self].

[SS] 2.21 The seen exists only for the sake of the Seer.  [p111]

[EB] 2.21 The essential nature of that which is seen is exclusively for the sake of the seer. [p225]

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(तद्, tad) = whose
(अर्थ, artha) = purpose; goal
(एव, eva) = alone; only
(दृश्यस्य, dṛśyasya) = the seen; prakriti; creation; cosmos
(आत्मा, ātmā) = being; nature; self; true self; drastu