स्वस्वामिशक्त्योः स्वरूपोप्लब्धिहेतुः संयोगः ॥२३॥
svasvāmi-śaktyoḥ svarūp-oplabdhi-hetuḥ saṁyogaḥ ||23||

[RS] 2.23 The sole purpose of linking the mutable with the extant is to recognize the true enduring form.

[JW] 2.23 The reason for the apperception of what the power of the property and of what the power of the proprietor are, is correlation.

[SS] 2.23 The union of  the Owner (Purusha) and owned (Prakriti) causes the recognition of the nature and powers of them both.  [p112]

[EB] 2.23 [The notion of] conjunction is the means of understanding the real nature of the powers of the possessed and of the possessor. [p229]

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(स्व, sva) = their own; here: that which is mutable; chitta; prakriti
(स्वामि, svāmi) = master; the true self; drashtu, atma
(शक्त्योः, śaktyoḥ) = power; energy, force, the mutable self; chitta
(स्वरूप, svarūpa) = own form; true nature; true form
(उपलब्धि, upalabdhi) = to experience; to occur; to manifest
(हेतुः, hetuḥ) = cause; reason; purpose
(संयोगः, saṁyogaḥ) = unity; bond; identification