तस्य सप्तधा प्रान्तभूमिः प्रज्ञ ॥२७॥
tasya saptadhā prānta-bhūmiḥ prajña ||27||

[RS] 2.27 This path to insight has seven steps.

[JW] 2.27 For him [there is] insight sevenfold and advancing in stages to the highest.

[SS] 2.27 One's wisdom in the final stage is sevenfold. [One experiences the end of
1) desire to know anything more;
2) desire to stay away from any thing;
3) desire to gain anything new;
4) desire to do anything;
5) sorrow;
6) fear;
7) delusion. ] [p119]

[EB] 2.27 The yogi's true insight has seven ultimate stages. [p236]

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(तस्य, tasya) = this
(सप्तधा, saptadhā) = seven-fold
(प्रान्त, prānta) = path; edge
(भूमिः, bhūmiḥ) = ranking; level
(प्रज्ञा, prajñā) = insight; recognition