अपरिग्रहस्थैर्ये जन्मकथंता संबोधः ॥३९॥
aparigraha-sthairye janma-kathaṁtā saṁbodhaḥ ||39||

[RS] 2.39 The permanent reign of non-covetousness (aparigraha) engenders knowledge concerning the goal of earthly life.

[JW] 2.39 As soon as he is established in abstinence-from-acceptance-of-gifts, a thorough illumination upon the conditions of birth.

[SS] 2.39 When non-green is confirmed, a thorough illumination of the how and why of one's birth comes. [p141]

[EB] 2.39 When refrainment from covetousness becomes firmly established, knowledge of the ways of wherefores of births manifests. [p266]

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(अपरिग्रह, aparigraha) = non-covetousness; non-acceptance of gifts
(स्थैर्ये, sthairye) = stability
(जन्म, janma) = birth; consequences of birth; incarnation; earthly life
(कथंता, kathaṁtā) = the how and why; goal
(संबोधः, saṁbodhaḥ) = understanding; knowledge