अविद्या क्षेत्रमुत्तरेषाम् प्रसुप्ततनुविच्छिन्नोदाराणाम् ॥४॥
avidyā kṣetram-uttareṣām prasupta-tanu-vicchinn-odārāṇām ||4||

[RS] 2.3 A lack of insight (avidya) is the source of most kleshas (obstacles) and can be latent, incipient, full fledged or overwhelming.

[JW] 2.4 Undifferentiated consciousness (avidya) is the field for the others whether they be dormant or attenuated or intercepted or sustained.

[SS] 2.4 Ignorance is the filed for the others mentioned after it, whether they be dormant, feeble, intercepted, or sustained. [p85]

[EB] 2.4 Ignorance is the breeding ground of the other klesas, whether they are in a dormant, weak, intermittent, or fully activated state. [p176]

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(अविद्या, avidyā) = ignorance; confusion; lack of insight
(क्षेत्रम्, kṣetram) = field; pasture; source
(उत्तरेषाम्, uttareṣām) = the succeeding or next ones
(प्रसुप्त, prasupta) = dormant; latent
(तनु, tanu) = weak; young; incipient
(विच्छिन्ना, vicchinnā) = full fledged; full grown; robust
(उदार, udāra) = powerful; overwhelming; massive
(आणाम्, āṇām) = from all these