संतोषातनुत्तमस्सुखलाभः ॥४२॥
saṁtoṣāt-anuttamas-sukhalābhaḥ ||42||

[RS] 2.42 An attitude of contentment (santosha) gives rise to unexcelled happiness, mental comfort, joy, and satisfaction.

[JW] 2.42 As a result of contentment there is an acquisition of superlative pleasure.

[SS] 2.42 By contentment, supreme joy is gained. [p146]

[EB] 2.42 From contentment, the highest happiness is attained. [p271]

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(संतोषात्, saṁtoṣāt) = contentment
(अनुत्तमः, anuttamaḥ) = unexcelled; extreme; supreme
(सुख, sukha) = pleasure; happiness; comfort; satisfaction
(लाभः, lābhaḥ) = attained