कायेन्द्रियसिद्धिरशुद्धिक्षयात् तपसः ॥४३॥
kāyendriya-siddhir-aśuddhi-kṣayāt tapasaḥ ||43||

[RS] 2.43 Through self discipline (tapas), mental impurities are destroyed and the body and senses take on supernatural powers.

[JW] 2.43 Perfection in the body and in the organs after impurity has dwindled as a result of self-castigation.

[SS] 2.43 By austerity, impurities of the body and senses are destroyed and occult powers gained. [p146]

[EB] 2.43 From austerity, on account of the removal of impurities, the perfection of the senses and body manifests. [p272]

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(काय, kāya) = the physical body
(इन्द्रिय, indriya) = senses; organs of perception
(सिद्धिः, siddhiḥ) = supernatural power
(अशुद्धि, aśuddhi) = impurities
(क्षयात्, kṣayāt) = removal, destruction, elimination
(तपः, tapaḥ) = self-discipline; ascesis