समाधि सिद्धिःीश्वरप्रणिधानात् ॥४५॥
samādhi siddhiḥ-īśvarapraṇidhānāt ||45||

[RS] 2.45 By accepting your fate (ishvarapranidhana), you achieve self knowledge (samadhi) and supernatural power (siddhi).

[JW] 2.45 Perfection of concentration as a result of devotion to the Icvara.

[SS] 2.45 By total surrender to God, samadhi is attainded. [p149]

[EB] 2.45 From submission to God comes the perfection of samadhi. [p279]

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(समाधि, samādhi) = transcendent state; samadhi; the goal of yoga
(सिद्धिः, siddhiḥ) = supernatural power; attainment; capability; powers
(ईश्वर, īśvara) = God; personal God
(प्रणिधान, praṇidhāna) = devotion to a higher idea; accepting one’s fate