प्रयत्नशैथिल्यानन्तसमापत्तिभ्याम् ॥४७॥
prayatna-śaithilya-ananta-samāpatti-bhyām ||47||

[RS] 2.47 The key to success in this regard is practice with effort, which becomes progressively easier, combined with deep contemplation (samapatti).

[JW] 2.47 By relaxation of effort or by a [mental] state-of-balance with reference to Ananta.

[SS] 2.47 By lessening the natural tendency for restlessness and by meditation on the infinite, posture is mastered. [p154]

[EB] 2.47 [Such posture should be attained] by the relaxation of effort and by absorption in the infinite. [p287]

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(प्रयत्न, prayatna) = tension; effort
(शैथिल्य, śaithilya) = relaxing; loosening
(अनन्त, ananta) = limitless; infinite
(समापत्ति, samāpatti) = state of enlightenment; deep contemplation
(अभ्याम्, abhyām) = both