ततो द्वङ्द्वानभिघातः ॥४८॥
tato dvaṅdva-an-abhighātaḥ ||48||

[RS] 2.48 This results in a victory over the duality of life.

[JW] 2.48 Thereafter he is unassailed by extremes.

[SS] 2.48 Thereafter, one is undisturbed by the dualities. [p157]

[EB] 2.48 From this, one is not afflicted by the dualities of the opposites. [p288]

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(ततः, tataḥ) = from that; from the mastery of posture
(द्वङ्द्व, dvaṅdva) = pairs of opposites; dualities; dichotomies (e.g. wanting and not wanting; birth and death; happiness and unhappiness); the dualities of life
(अन्, an) = not
(अभिघातः, abhighātaḥ) = attack; defeat
(अनभिघातः, anabhighātaḥ) = freedom from attack; victory; mastery