बाह्याभ्यन्तर विषयाक्षेपी चतुर्थः ॥५१॥
bāhya-ābhyantara viṣaya-akṣepī caturthaḥ ||51||

[RS] 2.51 The fourth pranayama technique ultimately transcends breath retention after exhaling or inhaling.

[JW] 2.51 The fourth [restraint of the breath] transcends the external and the internal object.

[SS] 2.51 There is a fourth kind of pranayama that occurs during concentration on an internal or external object. [p161]

[EB] 2.51 The fourth [type of pranayama] surpasses the limits of the external and the internal. [p293]

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(बाह्य, bāhya) = external
(अभ्यन्तर, abhyantara) = internal
(विषया, viṣayā) = region; sphere
(बाह्याभ्यन्त्र, bāhya-ābhyantra) = external retention; breath retention after exhalation
(अभ्यन्त्रविषया, abhyantra-viṣayā) = breath retention after inhaling
(आक्षेपी, ākṣepī) = going beyond; surpassing
(चतुर्थः, caturthaḥ) = the fourth