ततः क्षीयते प्रकाशावरणम् ॥५२॥
tataḥ kṣīyate prakāśa-āvaraṇam ||52||

[RS] 2.52 The veil covering the light of the true self then vanishes.

[JW] 2.52 As a result of this the covering of the light dwindles away.

[SS] 2.52 As its result the veil over the inner Light is destroyed. [p163]

[EB] 2.52 Then, the covering of the illumination [of knowledge] is weakened. [p295]

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(ततः, tataḥ) = then; thereby; thence; from that
(क्षीयते, kṣīyate) = is destroyed; thinned; diminishes; vanishes
(प्रकाश, prakāśa) = light
(आवरनम्, āvaranam) = veil; covering