धारणासु च योग्यता मनसः ॥५३॥
dhāraṇāsu ca yogyatā manasaḥ ||53||

[RS] 2.53 And the mind develops the capacity for harmony with thoughts (dharana).

[JW] 2.53 For fixed-attentions also the central organ becomes fit.

[SS] 2.53 And the mind becomes fit from concentration. [p164]

[EB] 2.53 Additionally, the mind becomes fit for concentration. [p296]

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(धारणासु, dhāraṇāsu) = for dharana; concentration; harmony with thoughts; harmony in the mental body; the sixth of the eight steps.
(, ca) = and
(योग्यताः, yogyatāḥ) = fitness; preparedness; qualification; capability
(मनसः, manasaḥ) = mind