ततः परमावश्यता इन्द्रियाणाम् ॥५५॥
tataḥ paramā-vaśyatā indriyāṇām ||55||

[RS] 2.55 Thus do you gain supreme mastery of your senses.

[JW] 2.55 As a result of this [withdrawal] there is a complete mastery of the organs.

[SS] 2.55 Then follows supreme mastery over the senses. [p167]

[EB] 2.55 From this comes the highest control of the senses. [p298]

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(ततः, tataḥ) = then; thereby; thence; from that
(परमा, paramā) = highest; ultimate
(वश्य, vaśya) = mastery; control
(इन्द्रियाणाम्, indriyāṇām) = via the senses; via the sense organs