स्वरस्वाहि विदुषोऽपि समारूढोऽभिनिवेशः ॥९॥
svarasvāhi viduṣo-'pi samārūḍho-'bhiniveśaḥ ||9||

[RS] 2.9 Anxiety (abhinivesha) arises spontaneously and can even dominate your entire existence.

[JW] 2.9 The will-to-live sweeping (abhiniveca) on [by the force of] its own nature exists in this form even in the wise.

[SS] 2.9 Clinging to life, flowing by its own potency [due to past experience], exists even in the wise.  [p91]

[EB] 2.9 [The tendency of] clinging to life affects even the wise; it is an inherent tendency. [p191]

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(स्व, sva) = proprietary; belonging to oneself
(रस, rasa) = nature, essence, core
(वाही, vāhī) = carrier
(विदुष, viduṣa) = guru
(अपि, api) = even
(समा, samā) = fully; completely
(रूधः, rūdhaḥ) = dominating
(अभिनिवेशः, abhiniveśaḥ) = deep seated anxiety; fear of death; will to live