Book 3

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[RS] Yoga-Sutra 3 - Vibhuti Pada: about the results
[SS] VIBHUTI PADA - Portion on Accomplishments

First direct aid: vi. Fixed attention
iii. 1. The knower focuses the process of knowing upon the object to be known.

Second direct aid: vii. Contemplation
iii. 2. A two-term relation between the process of knowing and the object to be known.

Third direct aid: viii. Concentration.
iii. 3. A fusion of the knower and the process of knowing with the object to be known.

Transition to seedless concentration
iii. 4 - 10. The direct aids in combination result in insight and restricted subliminal-impressions and the calm flow of the mind-stuff.

Mutations of substances
iii. 11 - 15. In the focused state the concentration holds two time-forms within the span of attention. Mutations are in fixed orders of subliminal impressions in the restricted state.

Application of constraints to different orders of mutations
iii. 16 - 52. Given a single mutation of external aspect or time-form or intensity, the whole sequence comes under control of the concentrated insight.

iii. 16. As a result of constraint upon the three mutations [there follows] the knowledge of the past and the future.

iii. 17. Word and intended object and presented-idea are confused because they are erroneously identified with each other. By constraint upon the distinctions between them [there arises the intuitive] knowledge of the cries of all living beings.

iii. 18. As a result of direct perception of subliminal-impressions there is [intuitive] knowledge of previous births.

iii. 19. [As a result of constraint] upon a presented-idea [there arises intuitive] knowledge of the mind-stuff of another.

iii. 20. But [the intuitive knowledge of the mind-stuff of another] does not have that [idea] together with that upon which it depends [as its object], since that [upon which it depends] is not-in-the-field [of consciousness].

iii. 21. As a result of constraint upon the [outer] form of the body, when its power to be known is stopped, then as a consequence of the disjunction of the light and of the eye there follows indiscernibility [of the yogin's body].

Culmination of concentration
iii. 53 - 55. The particular which is indiscernible in respect of class or term or point in space is intuitively discerned the widest span of objectivity is also discerned. This is the attainment of Isolation.

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