देशबन्धः चित्तस्य धार.आ ॥१॥
deśa-bandhaḥ cittasya dhāra.ā ||1||

[RS] 3.1 Harmony with your thoughts and the ability to concentrate are attained by aligning the mutable aspects of humankind with a specific subject.

[JW] 3.1 Binding the mind stuff to a place is fixed attention.

[SS] 3.1 Dharana is the binding of the mind to one place, object or idea. [p171]

[EB] 3.1 Concentration is the fixing of the mind in one place. [p301]

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(देश, deśa) = place; location; topic; subject
(बन्ध, bandha) = binding to; holding; fixing; uniting
(चित्तस्य, cittasya) = all that is mutable/transient in humankind; consciousness
(धारणा, dhāraṇā) = concentration; focusing; directing attention