तस्य प्रशान्तवाहिता संस्कारत् ॥१०॥
tasya praśānta-vāhitā saṁskārat ||10||

[RS] 3.10 The tranquil flow of transition to tranquility gives rise to a new impression (samskara).

[JW] 3.10 This [mind-stuff] flows peacefully by reason of the subliminal impression.

[SS] 3.10 The flow of nirodha parinama becomes steady through habit. [p180]

[EB] 3.10 The mind's undisturbed flow occurs due to samskaras. [p317]

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(तस्य, tasya) = its (referring to nirodha parinama (निरोधपरिणाम, nirodha-pariṇāma))
(प्रशान्त, praśānta) = tranquil; undisturbed
(वाहिता, vāhitā) = flow
(संस्कार, saṁskāra) = impressions resulting from repeated actions; acquired habits