एतेन भूतेन्द्रियेषु धर्मलक्षणावस्था व्याख्याताः ॥१३॥
etena bhūtendriyeṣu dharma-lakṣaṇa-avasthā vyākhyātāḥ ||13||

[RS] 3.13 This explains the transformation of relinquishment (dharma-parinama), characteristics (lakshana-parinama) and states into material elements of the senses.

[JW] 3.13 Thus with regard to elements and to organs, mutations of external aspect and of time-variation and of intensity have been enumerated.

[SS] 3.13 By this [what has been said in the preceding three Sutras], the transformations of the visible characteristics and senses are also described. [p182]

[EB] 3.13 In this way, the change in the characteristics, state, and condition of objects and of the senses is explained. [p320]

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(एतेन, etena) = by this; by these
(भूता, bhūtā) = elements
(इन्द्रियेषु, indriyeṣu) = in the sense organs
(धर्म, dharma) = relinquishing something in the world; characteristic; feature, outer form
(लक्षणा, lakṣaṇā) = attribute; feature; the inner quality of something
(अवस्थाः, avasthāḥ) = state; condition
(परिणाम, pariṇāma) = change; evolution
(व्याख्या, vyākhyā) = description; explanation
(व्याख्याताः, vyākhyātāḥ) = are described